I found this fun video a couple of years ago. I live in Florida so my home is surrounded by different types of palm frond leaves.  If you don't have palm trees where you live, see if you can find some type of grass or you can cut strips form contruction paper or card stock.  I've made these fish in all kinds of sizes.  My favorite way to display them is to put them on a stick and add some grasses to a vase like the picture below. It looks like the fish is swimming through sea grasses.

These also make great garnishes for your sushi or other dishes you might create. They will stay green for several days but you will notice that they start to turn gray as the leaves dry like the picture above.

You can paint them, cut little zig zags on the tails and fins or glue on little eyes. The sea is the limit on these fun little guys. Enjoy.....and keep on Livin' the Beach Life!   Susan  a.k.a. Tropical Art Chick