My Art

As a Florida based artist, I am inspired by the colors of the sea and the feel of all things tropical. Most of my original paintings are created on local palm fronds and seed pods. I collect these fronds and pods from various types of palm trees and soak them in my swimming pool until they are pliable. Once this process is complete they are flattened with weights and left to dry in the sun.  This palm frond canvas is then primed and painted with acrylics. A coat of polyurethane pops the color and adds a protective seal.  Hooks are placed on the back for hanging. Large pieces can be leaned on fireplace mantles or floating shelves. Smaller pieces work well in wooden or metal stands. These are truly “one of a kind” unique pieces.

Palm Frond & Buoy Art is available for custom order. Large pieces are for LOCAL PICKUP only. Wall Mural estimates given upon request. Please contact me in you are interested.