About Me




                            Susan Coulis


Welcome to my crazy, tropical world of color!  I am a palm frond painter, muralist, and author from Bradenton, FL.  My designs are influenced by my surroundings, the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I am drawn to the ever changing colors of the sea. Originally from Stowe Vermont, I moved to Florida over forty years ago.  I enjoy finding unique surfaces to paint that enhance my tropical, whimsical, color block style.  

I began painting on palm frond shucks several years ago.  The various shapes and sizes made for an interesting canvas and it was a clever way to use something that would normally just end up in recycling. Most of my original paintings are created on local palm frond shucks and seed pods.   As much as I love painting on palm frond shucks, my favorite painting projects are wall murals.  As the saying goes, ”Go Big or Go Home”.  I love painting in large scale. It’s so much fun to see a blank wall evolve in to a giant canvas of color. I do wall murals on commission and am also available to do custom work.

Another passion of mine is Florida history, especially history that involves native cultures. My book, The Lost Medallions of Ana Maria Cay – A Story of Anna Maria Island, is the first in a series about local native cultures. It centers on the Timucua, who were some of the first  inhabitants of my area of Florida. My second book, The Hidden Treasure of Calos – Legend of the Shell People is in progress and will feature the Calusa Indians, who lived mainly near the Ft. Myers area and are known as the first shell collectors. 

Jewelry design started my artistic journey. I love working with leather, which lends itself well to painting. Patinaed metals, sea glass, pearls, shell, artisan beads, polymer & metal clay combine to make beautiful designs that reflect the tropical lifestyle.  I have created book covers, backdrops, CD covers, furniture makeovers and more. In an effort to bring my artwork to a larger audience, I am excited to offer a variety of wonderful products, enhanced with my tropical painting style.  I hope you enjoy browsing my site.  I am truly fortunate to be “livin' the beach life thru a tropical world of color”



a.k.a. Tropical Art Chick